We have real Mitragyna Incense Cones for Sale

This is our new Patent Mitragyna Incense cone. We’re also working on an all wood cone. They are profoundly expensive to make, and also very time consuming. While they’re awful high in price, the quality is also as high as it can get. We are the nations only vendor for this product, and you cannot find them elsewhere because of the patent.

Where Can I Buy Thunder God Vine in the USA?

Where Can I Buy Thunder God Vine in the USA? We have been offering Thunder God Vine in the United States, since our conception. We have had an awful time trying to spread the word that PDO Botanicals offers Thunder God Vine in the US. When we first launced Thunder God Vine around Janurary, there were no other domestic sources, and at this time, there are still no other sources. We are the only U.S. vendor for Thunder God Vine.

Eventually other companies are going to catch on, and they’re going to sell it too, but remember, we were the first in the USA to sell this plant online. It has been difficult to sell it, as Google Shopping asked us not to sell it on their website, and Ebay had a problem with it too, at one point in time. This doesn’t seem to be the case right now, but still, it’s been profoundly difficult for me to get the word out, that there truely is a source for Thunder God Vine in the USA.

There are a lot of questionable sources oversea for Thunder God Vine.

We found a good one, which sells fresh stuff, but it took quite some time. They have tested it for germs, skinned the roots, and they are in good standing with the FDA and are cGMP. We also send out a copy of the lab results, with every order.

Thunder God Vine can be slightly toxic, like Kava (which is FDA approved), so make sure you do your homework before you place an order. Thunder God Vine, unfortunately, hasn’t been FDA approved yet, because it’s a new product in the USA.

Offering Mitragyna Cones and others

As many of you know, PDO Botanicals specializes in exotic botanicals, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the USA. We will soon be offering some strange and super-exotic items soon. We’re not disclosing what these are, yet, but we can tell you some good news. We will have the worlds only online supply of ciliata, which I am personally making into incese cones. We will also be making Mitragyna cones for you, so you don’t have to make them yourselves. Instructional videos will be available for free, online, from our website, so everyone can see that you actually CAN make incense from Mitragyna.

New Kratom Substitute – Picralima Nitida

Have you been asking yourself, where can you buy Picralima Nitida in the USA?  Having trouble finding a Kratom alternative in your state?  Is Kratom banned in your state?  Want to find something new to enhance your experiences?  Look no further, it took almost a year to find a source that didn’t yield a moldy Pircalima Nitida, but we finally found it, through trial and error.  Every domestic source we tried, was moldy, every international source we tried, from websites like Alibaba, yielded mold, despite being told otherwise.  Finally, we were able to source it, from a person, who didn’t even know what it was.  A friend of ours, who lives in an indigenous area, was able to obtain our Picralima Nitida at their market downtown.  It’s already starting to blow up online, and people are talking.  Boy are people talking, so if you’ve been looking for Picralima Nitida, a Kratom substitute in the USA, this is the place to get it from!